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There are endless online opportunities for you to spend money joining a trading room to learn strategies to be successful, but they are never actually sitting there with you as you are taking those trades. That is what makes Trade Jockey different. We will be there to help setup your trading station, work directly with you to learn strategies to make you successful and experience something you will use and remember for the balance of your life.

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how to invest

The biggest question any trader or investor will ask. How to invest? The truth is that it is different with every person and depends on how much capital you have, your risk tolerance, your time horizon and your general personality. Once we do our analysis, we will be able to give you a road map that will show you how you need to invest to meet your needs and goals.

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trading platforms

Trade Jockey is knowledgeable in multiple trading platforms. For most traders and investors, TD Ameritrade's Think or Swim platform meets most needs. However, TradeStation, E-Trader Pro and some select others can meet some other needs. It depends on the person. We will work with you to determine which one will best fit your plan.

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risk management

Most traders believe being a success is based on picking good stocks and letting them grow. As much as some can get lucky and have that happen, most need to have a plan for when their choices don't work the way they should. When that happens, you need a risk management plan to ensure losses are kept to a minimum. Trade Jockey will put together that strategy with you to make your probability of being successful much greater. Risk and reward work together. You can't have one without the other.

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